Medical Devices Surgical excision and debridement with Hydrosurgery The VERSAJET


Hydrosurgery System uses a razor-thin saline jet to optimize surgical debridement. The VERSAJET system enables a surgeon to precisely select, excise and evacuate nonviable tissue, bacteria and contaminants from wounds, burns and soft tissue injuries. The tissue preserving technique reduces time to closure which may reduce overall treatment costs.

Optimal Outcomes
  • Reduced bacterial burden
  • Preserves viable tissue
  • Removes unwanted necrosis and debris
  • Improved graft and synthetic dressing results
  • Improved excision of contoured areas, web spaces and facial structures
  • Minimized peripheral tissue damage
Health Economic
  • Reduced number of debridements
  • Reduced healing time, compared to conventional methods
  • Reduced operating room time
  • Reduced repeat procedures
  • Minimized cross contamination
  • Reduced treatment cost