JR Enterprizes, Inc. is a woman-owned medical device sales distributorship. Which concentrates its efforts in the education and promotion of Medical Devices, Surgical Equipment, and OR Services.

JR Enterprizes, Inc. offers multiple lines of medical products directed to meet & exceed the needs of Hospitals, Surgery Centers, & Health Care Professionals.

JR Enterprizes, Inc. is committed to working with both manufacturers and health care providers. Our highly trained and experienced sales force has assisted manufacturers in bringing forward emerging medical technologies to the market place with outstanding results. The relations our organization has cultivated over the years has allowed us to establish a reputation of integrity, ethics, & client trust amongst our health care providers. The ultimate goal of JR Enterprizes, Inc. is to attract and partner with the most ethical and innovative manufacturers. Who are looking to enhance the healthcare market by providing the best products to enhance patient health, while reducing cost in the health care system.

JR Enterprizes, Inc. is proud to be a member of numerous medical associations throughout multiple States. This allows us to continuously acquire information in order to better educate the healthcare community. Our commitment to excellence allows us to provide excellent customer service and give back to the communities we service.

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